Internet of Things (IoT)

“Internet of pluggable things” – We connect any dumb appliance to Internet.

Greenlet’s algorithms uniquely identify any connected pluggable device

  1. We identify product type (e.g. refrigerator) based on its electrical signature
  2. We identify operational mode (e.g. washing machine’s water removal) based on the electrical signature
  3. We can identify product models (e.g. Siemens WD14 washer) via the signature


Smart data analysis and action per device

  1. Analyze usage patterns and behavior per device – users can optimize usage and allow utilities to facilitate demand response or device specific time-of-use programs
  2. Identify potential mechanical problems and provide maintenance advice
  3. Provide upgrade and warranty extension offers for specific devices
  4. Use aggregated data and big data analysis and statistics for learning and comparison (e.g. compare your usage to others, tell you which of the cycles you use are popular and which are not for the Siemens washer users, when are users more likely to use their driers etc., what other people recommend)
  5. Allow consumers to control the appliances and automate usage, via web portal and mobile app


How we do it

  1. Send appliance signatures to our servers on the internet cloud
  2. Use cloud storage, compute and network capabilities
  3. Analyze usage patterns and behavior per device using algorithms we developed
  4. Provide user with friendly interfaces – web portal, smart emails and mobile app through which they learn and manage appliances
  5. Additional appliances can also be connected, e.g. electrical vehicles, meters, sensors