Message to Investors

When you invest in Greenlet Technologies, you join a dynamic smart grid company with a truly unique deployment model and solution for self-deployable energy control.

Established at Sep 2008, our novel technology was validated by large utilities and was filed for patent.

Our end-to-end system help electric utilities reduce power consumption during peak days and it allows customers to get a monetary refund for peak shaving. Based on self-deployment, the system includes management software for utilities and service companies, and it includes end-point units and web portal for institutional and residential consumers.

Greenlet started production and sales in 2010. We have signed agreements with electric utilities in Israel and the US and with strategic partners.

Our multidisciplinary team includes 16 people with tremendous experience in high-tech, business and energy. The team members are based in Tel-Aviv and NY.

Greenlet raised money from TheTime group, Supco International and Israel G-Tek.


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