Greenlet slashes costs for DR via customer installation

October 01, 2009

(Smart Grid Today; October 1st, 2009) "Greenlet technologies, an Israeli startup that is betting on residential energy users having limited time and patience for DR, is seeking a second round of funding starting today, Itai Karelic, who directs the firm's US office, told us yesterday."   Read more...

Greenlet Technologies present at AICC’s May CleanTech Committee meeting

May 15, 2009

(AICC; May 15th, 2009) "Avner Cohen and Itay Karelic presented Greenlet Technologies a Tel Aviv-based start-up that has developed a highly-integrated system for the Smart Grid market using Internet, IT and power electronics."   Read more...

Cleantech co Greenlet raises NIS 2m

November 18, 2008

(Globes; November 18, 2008) Cleantech co Greenlet raises NIS 2m: Greenlet Technologies is developing proprietary energy management technology.   Read more...

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