Scalable Demand Response

The process is based on 3 simple steps:

1. SEND - Our pluggable units are SENT to customers.
2. CONNECT - Customers simply CONNECT them to loads.
3. CONTROL - Aggregators & Customers CONTROL loads via web.

 1. SEND - a small kit including self-deployable (pluggable) Greenlet units is sent to consumers.
2. CONNECT - Consumers connect Greenlet unit to appliances.
3. CONTROL - Electric Utility and consumer control and monitor appliances via web.

Greenlet eliminates the need for professional installation of smart meters or load controllers.

Installation is quick and inexpensive. Maintenance is simplified as units can be added and/or replaced by customers. AMI (automatic metering infrastructure) is optional.

Greenlet’s patent technology ensures the reliability of the energy control solution. Our management software and algorithms simplify the management of a large number of appliances and customers.
This includes provisioning, setting program types, data collection, sending notifications to consumers, power reduction commands and billing.

Greenlet’s Differentiators

  • Target pluggable appliances (A/C, dryers, washer, pluggable pool pumps) rather than central A/Cs
  • Utility-grade energy control solution for utilities/aggregators, rather than simple kits for consumers
  • Focus on energy control rather than metering (yet, each of our units is a meter-per-appliance)
  • Focus on peak reduction – we synchronize usage of millions of appliances during peak times
  • 5 minute installation for consumer, no professional installation of smart meters/thermostats
  • Address utility needs - software & algorithms for control center, billing, customer engagement


Key Benefits for utilities and aggregators

  • SEND - kits are sent by regular mail
  • CONNECT – any customer can connect any standard plug-load
  • CONTROL – automated via remote control
  • Reduces capital expenditure and operating expenses as consumers perform self-installation
  • Reduces operating expenses as consumers perform self-maintenance
  • Reduces capital and operating expenditures as there is no need to maintain a dedicated communications infrastructure for the kits - connectivity to the utility management center is based on the Internet
  • Allows for targeted marketing to consumers whose profiles fit the "Peak Shaving" program
  • The kits can be connected to additional home devices in the future
  • Increases uptake of "Peak Shaving" solutions for small loads


Key Benefits for Consumers

  • Consumers get involved with connecting the units and monitoring power per appliance. Consumers select which appliances to monitor, which in turn increases awareness of consumption habits as well as assists in controlling appliances via the Web and/or mobile phone
  • There is no need to organize and coordinate professional installation
  • Customers can add more units if and when they choose
  • It’s an easy to use automated system


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