End-to-end Power Control

Greenlet leverages proprietary IT, communications, algorithms and power electronics to create a truly scalable energy control solution.

As our patent pending technology does not require professional installation, ‘greenlet’ units can be distributed directly to the consumers who simply plug the units into their electrical outlets. The central software application then takes over, providing the electric utility providers with the control they need to manage and optimize power use.

The Greenlet system includes:

[1] Energy Management Software for Control Centers

Our enterprise software for control centers allows us to manage a very large network of customers and appliances, reduce a lot of power during peak hours, prove reduction, receive rebates from utilities and share revenues with customers.

  • Power control – the software reduces dozens of megawatts during peak hours
  • Power monitoring – per appliance, home, area, grid
  • Power forecasting – allows us to forecast power usage and potential reduction
  • Customer control – unique program per customer and appliance
  • Easy deployment - automatic discovery of customers and appliances
  • Fraud prevention – based on Greenlet’s US patent #8290635
  • Power trading optimization – awareness of tariffs, rebates, energy use patterns
  • Grid Maintenance - monitoring of power parameters
  • Customer interface - notifies customers of peak hours via email and text messages
  • Billing – power consumption and reduction data stored for billing

Technologies employed – pattern recognition algorithms for appliance recognition, algorithms for power prediction, network management software, reports, and maps.


[2] Software engine for consumers – personal portal, smart emails, and mobile application

We help customers reduce energy consumption while minimizing the inconvenience via a dedicated email server, web portal and an application for smart phones. The client application is connected to the EMS server.

The energy management application:

  • Proactively helps customer save money via a personal portal and smartphone app
  • Allows consumer to control appliances remotely, schedule usage
  • Presents costs and energy use per appliance
  • Provides personalized tips for saving via email
  • Benchmarks and detects anomalies

Technologies employed – algorithms for energy optimization (maximizes the payback relative to inconvenience), personalized energy tips, web portal, email server.



[3] Self-deployable utility-grade kit (implementing US patent #8290635)

Utility-grade plug & play Greenlet kits are sold or sent to customers who quickly and easily install them (5 minute per home). The kits include the “Greenlets” – smart plugs capable of monitoring and controlling appliances for peak reduction and overall energy saving. Greenlet's patented technology is embedded in the Greenlets. The Greenlet unit controls demand, monitors power and energy and allows the control center to prove reduction in order to receive the rebate. A gateway unit easily connects the Greenlets the management software through the Internet.