Value Chain

The Greenlet solution is sold to power aggregators (Electric Utilities and/or Energy Service Companies), and includes an energy management system for the control center, Greenlet kits and the license for the web portal. Aggregators use our system to monitor overall power consumption, predict power reduction, reduce power and provide consumers with a monetary refund for "Peak Shaving".

Aggregators send the kits with the pluggable Greenlet units that their customers can plug in on their own. Customer also receives a username and password for the personal web portal.

Once the customer has connected the Greenlet units to power, they automatically register on the main servers, and begin controlling and monitoring appliances following commands received from the management system and the consumer portal.

Customers utilize a web portal to manage and monitor their connected loads. They gain awareness of their power consumption habits, and benefit from online tips and recommendations that promote additional savings.



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